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The CVU 2011 Forecast: An Aesthetic Anaesthetic!

Posted in An Aesthetic Anaesthetic,CVU Cover Story 01/11 by Jaime Black on January 24th, 2011

For this month’s ChicagoVerseUniteD cover story, every day in January will preview a different local artist’s plans for 2011. Today: An Aesthetic Anaesthetic!


While Chicago may boast its share of established powerhouse instrumental acts such as Pelican and Russian Circles, neither of those juggernaut acts incorporate lush acoustic elements into their sound or meld smart pop melodies within their post-rock the way Chicago’s An Aesthetic Anaesthetic does. The group released its introductory effort, the folk pop flavored Silence Fiction EP, in early 2010, and is quickly coming up upon the eve of their next release.

“Our newest EP, Ghosts in the Red Wilderness, is actually being released February 14th at Schubas with Unwed Sailor and Mountains for Clouds,” AAA’s Dan Hoefler informs CVU. “We’ll also be releasing our first full length this summer entitled Before the Machinery of Other Skeletons.”

“With this new material, we are attempting to expand the traditional idea of post-rock with its epic builds and mathy breakdowns but giving it our own sense of melody and movement,” the guitarist adds.

To witness An Aesthetic Anaesthetic live, find the group on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, at Schuba’s for the Ghosts in the Red Wilderness EP record release event. The effort will also hit the group’s Bandcamp page, where cuts like “Fortune Animal Cookie” (below) are available for streaming or download, that same day. Or head over to the AAA MySpace page every Monday to hear a new song, including today’s selection, “I Don’t Want To Sound Like a Dickhole or Nothin’, But God Should Look Like Gandalf.”

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AAA Live

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