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The CVU 2011 Forecast: Blane Fonda!

Posted in Blane Fonda,CVU Cover Story 01/11 by Jaime Black on January 14th, 2011

For this month’s ChicagoVerseUniteD cover story, every day in January will preview a different local artist’s plans for 2011. Today: Blane Fonda!

Blane Fonda

With the group’s debut EP, Master of Stars and Broken Arms, dropping in summer 2009, and a 2010 that saw the band performing in Chicago, the midwest, and at SXSW, dance rock act Blane Fonda is moving on to bigger things in 2011. According to guitarist  Charlie Nadler, the energetic and synth-laden unit will be hitting the studio in February and March to record its debut full length album. Though the effort, which the band plans to self-release, doesn’t yet have a projected release date, frontman Mark Wetzel already has an outlook on the scope and sound of the effort.

“This record represents the evolution of the sound Blane began to form with Master of Stars and Broken Arms,” the singer tells CVU. “In Master, where most of the instrumental elements were in place from Sapiens’ days, this new record will fully illustrate what Blane is capable of as an entity from ground zero. The upcoming LP will still have the hooks and dance rock sensibilities from the last recording, but will showcase heightened dynamics and intricate, progressive tendencies. Blane is really focusing on creating a cohesive full-length piece of art work, rather than a collection of tunes, with this full-length release of 11 tracks. All meat, no filler.”

The band is also in post-production on the video for Master track “Opportunity Rocks,” available as a stream below via the group’s Bandcamp page. Directed by Matt Egan and shot/edited at Foundation in Chicago, the clip is tentatively set to hit in March.

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