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The CVU 2011 Forecast: The Felix Culpa!

Posted in CVU Cover Story 01/11,The Felix Culpa by Jaime Black on January 31st, 2011

For this month’s ChicagoVerseUniteD cover story, every day in January will preview a different local artist’s plans for 2011. Today: The Felix Culpa!

The Felix Culpa

Much has already been said at this site about CVU 2010 Local Album Of The Year Sever Your Roots by melodic post-hardcore act The Felix Culpa. But next month, the album will see an expanded release, giving a wider audience the chance to discover the band’s comeback record, as well as its newly  added addendum.

When No Sleep Records reissues Sever Your Roots on February 22nd, the album will feature a new companion piece this time around. Titled Bury The Axe, the EP is comprised of “three songs that came out of the same writing sessions as the material on Sever Your Roots, but that ultimately were cut along the way for one reason or another,” frontman Marky Hladish informs CVU.

“We always felt like these three songs in particular needed to be recorded at some point,” the singer continues, “and when No Sleep picked up Sever Your Roots for reissue we figured that now was the right time to track them and release them as a nice little thank you to the people who had already supported Roots. So in that regard, it’s not a drastic departure musically or thematically, but the songs are from a completely different recording session that took place over a year after Roots was completed and released, so in no way is it meant to be merely a b-sides EP. We felt that these songs were just as important as the rest of the material on Roots, but they just formed their own thing. Sonically, they are maybe a bit more spacious and not quite as aggressive. Maybe a bit more laid back, but still loud and dynamic. So I guess to sum it up, you can think of the EP more as a little sister companion piece to Sever Your Roots rather than a b-sides EP. Call it a eulogy for this period of this band’s life if you want.”

The tracklist for the dual release is as follows below.

The Felix Culpa – Sever Your Roots
01. New Home Life
02. Our Holy Ghosts
03. The Constant
04. Roots
05. Escape To The Mountain, Lest Thou Be Consumed
06. The First One To The Scene Of An Accident Always Gets Blood On Their Hands
07. Unwriting Our Songs
08. Mutiny
09. Rum & Cigarettes
10. Because This Is How We Speak
11. It’s Raining At Indian Wells
12. What You Call Thought Control, I Call Thought Control
13. An Instrument
14. Apologies

The Felix Culpa – Bury The Axe
01. Mallets
02. Towers
03. Spaces

Pre-orders for the two disc release are available now through the No Sleep site. The Felix Culpa play live
February 12th at Mojoes in Joliet and February 27th at Bottom Lounge for the Sever Your Roots Rerelease Party. Watch for more from The Felix Culpa and the Sever Your Roots rerelease package here at CVU!

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