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The CVU 2011 Forecast: Urbanites!

Posted in CVU Cover Story 01/11,Urbanites by Jaime Black on January 21st, 2011

For this month’s ChicagoVerseUniteD cover story, every day in January will preview a different local artist’s plans for 2011. Today: Urbanites!


In 2010, Urbanites released The Years, a soaring and searing offering of introspective mature adult rock that could hold its own against anything on XRT. Simultaneously earnest and ambitious, the record cemented Urbanites as Chicago talent to watch. Yet the band is already making moves on a new effort, as announced in a recent posting at the group’s site, where The Years is still available as a free download.

We are very pleased to announce that we are now in the process of recording new music, which is being produced by Isaac Slade and Benjamin Wysocki of The Fray. We completed primary tracking in Denver, CO during the first week of January. We’re planning to release the new recordings in 2011, preceded by a tour of the Midwest.

Urbanites Recording

Speaking with CVU, guitarist Jeremy “Verge” Schering confirmed that band was “in the studio from December 31st through January 8th,” promising “New music in progress and plenty of excitement on the horizon.” Expanding on the mood within the sessions, Schering added “We’re very excited about the new material we’ve been working on and feel like it’s a huge step forward for us.”

For those looking for something a bit more immediate from the band, Urbanites play live tonight at Schuba’s with fellow Chicago act Scattered Trees, who received their own CVU 2011 Forecast write up earlier this month. The group will also perform a live set for JBTV this coming Thursday, January 27th. No word yet on an air date.

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