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Local 101 Video Preview: The Exit Interviews: Rise Against!

Local 101 Rise Against
(Tim McIlrath and Chris Payne in the Q101 Lava Lamp Love Lounge)

Facing an uncertain future, Q101‘s Local 101 has begun bringing flagship Chicago acts on the program for a series of exit interviews. Click below to see a preview of the forthcoming Local 101 interview with Rise Against‘s Tim McIlrath, set to air this coming Sunday, July 3rd, at 9PM CST on Q101. In the clip below, the Rise Against frontman gives Local 101 host Chris Payne some singing lessons, leading to Payne trying his hand at vocals. Tune in to Q101′s Local 101 this Sunday July 3rd, at 9PM CST, for what may be Rise Against’s final Q101 interview.

Local 101

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