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Q101 Signs Off: The Media Archive

Posted in Local 101,Q101 by Jaime Black on July 18th, 2011

(Photo credit: Alex Quigley)

Though the final fate of the station, name, and format remain to be seen, this past Thursday night, July 14th, marked the end of an era at Q101, Chicago’s long-running alternative radio outlet, and longtime place of employment for this writer. Thursday marked the final broadcast for much of the station’s air staff, including Electra, Sherman And Tingle, Tim Virgin, and Pogo. As such, the day and evening’s programming focused on revisiting talent from Q101′s various eras, as well as closing down this chapter of the station. Below, find audio, video, and more, relating to Q101′s Thursday broadcast, as well as reactions from throughout the local music community.

Q101 Countdown
(Photo credit: Cathy Vlahogiannis)

Audio from the station’s last DJ-led broadcast has surfaced online, with one source compiling an impressive stockpile of the day’s various programs, while another site captured the final episode of Local 101. Watch this site in the coming days for more audio from the final days of Q101, including Local 101‘s recent interviews with Patrick Stump, Madina Lake, Scott Lucas (Local H, Scott Lucas And The Married Men), and more.

Q101 Playlist
(Photo credit: Cathy Vlahogiannis)

Late Thursday, video from Q101′s final broadcast began hitting the web, comprised of audio captured online and footage filmed in studio. Find a collection of those clips below, including this writer closing down Local 101 with “Tonight, Tonight” by The Smashing Pumpkins, and DJs Chris Payne and Pogo closing down Q101 with “Friday, I’m In Love” by The Cure, the first song the station ever played.


Artists and industry figures from throughout the Chicago community weighed in on Q101′s final hours, with Suns posting on its Facebook “R.I.P. Q101. You were good to the members of Suns throughout all of our time here in Chicago in whatever bands we have been in. We will miss you.” The Felix Culpa, meanwhile, took to its Facebook to post “Anyone in the Chicago music scene knows exactly what Q101 and Local 101 meant to independent music. Just wanted to say that we’re saddened to see it go. Huge shout outs to Chris Payne, Jaime Black and Rebecca Betta Lopez for playing our stuff over the years.” A number of other acts took to Twitter share their thoughts on the final broadcast, Local 101, and Q101 itself, many of which are presented below. The Frantic even made a video to express their views on the station’s departure.

@ thank you for the giving SP the honor of being played last as you went off the air. SP lives on, and so does Q101
Billy Corgan

sorry to hear about the end of Q101 radio in Chicago today. lots of mixed feelings there for me. and a lot of memories too @
Billy Corgan

“Tonight Tonight” brings everything to an end. Well done, @ and @ . And the embers never fade, in your city by the lake.

Thanks, @ for kindly including me in Q101′s waning minutes. It was an honor to appear on the final Local 101.

Much love to the fine folks at @ & @. Grew up listening & will be forever grateful for their support of Chicago’s music.
Mark Rose

#q101 so much support for the local scene – a very sad day. Pigface says thankyou!
martin atkins

Currently Listening To Q101…Used To Wake Up w/ Mancow, Manno Brothers and Local 101 Were The 1st To Play My Band on Air…This is Sad :(
The Starving Artist

We grew up listening to Q101 in Chicago. We learned about so many rock bands that inspired us. Tonight is their last night of existing. …
Company of Thieves

A final thanx to Q101 for introducing Chicago to Alternative Rock. Tune in NOW for the last @ EVER! RIP …

@ @ @ So sad!!!! Thanks to you guys for your great work and support throughout the years!!!!!
Rebecca Faber

So long, @. Deep thanks for the support.
In Tall Buildings

Props to @ @ & @ I haven’t chilled in my car just to listen to radio in years. Last nights episode was a blast!
Daniel Gilardi

Farewell to @. You were very influencial to us on the @ staff. We love you guys. Final @ tonight @ 7PM CST.
Stories From a Scene

Madina Lake on final Local 101 w Chris Payne tonight at 11:00pm cst.Honored to be part of this broadcast, tune In or 101.1fm

Adios Q101 in Chicago. Thanks for rockin Rage/Audioslave/Street Sweeper/Nightwatchman through the years!
Tom Morello

A final thanx to Q101 for introducing Chicago to Alternative Rock. Tune in NOW for the last @ EVER! RIP …

It’s sad to think Q101, the station that introduced us to The Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, and many others is gone.
california wives

Goin home & listenin to the last @ – glad I was part of a legacy from back when @ was hostin to just a month ago
Stubhy Pandav

last episode of @ is tonight at 11pm… shouts to @ and @ for supporting so many chicago musicians over the years
steve sleeve

I hear Q101 is playing “Statues Without Eyes” right now. Love you guys! I’m gonna miss you. Xoxo
Jonny Radtke

Listening to last minutes of Q101 as I DJ at denonair, this isn’t easy. Great pick for last song @
greg corner

One of my favorite radio stations Q101 has closed its doors. I’m pretty bummed about it. Farewell Q101
Patrick Stump


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