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The CVU 2012 Forecast: Cut Teeth!

Posted in Cut Teeth,CVU 2012 Forecast,The Felix Culpa by Jaime Black on January 21st, 2012

For this month’s ChicagoVerseUniteD cover story, every day in January will preview 2012 plans for a Chicago talent or tastemaker. Today: Cut Teeth!

Cut Teeth

Cut Teeth is an outfit made up of musical orphans, comprised of members of acts like The Felix CulpaStay Ahead Of The WeatherRed Knife Lottery, and Monday’s Hero that are either defunct or on hiatus. The group came together to form a new project at the start of 2011, and spent a large part of the year crafting their initial release, an EP titled Televandalism. And as the act’s Dustin Currier tells CVU, that’s just the beginning.

“We’re releasing an EP in a couple weeks and have already started working on new songs,” the former Felix Culpa guitarist reveals. “Hopefully we can put out an LP next year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we put out a split 7″ or something in between as well.”

“The EP we’re releasing is our first batch of songs,” Currier continues, ”so it’s hard to say where we’ll go from here, but I think there’s a lot of room to evolve in a lot of different directions, which is a really good feeling. Overall, though, I think we’re just a really loud rock & roll band. There’s definitely a mindset that you could say is probably more akin to a lot of Dischord or Touch and Go bands from the ’90s when it comes to aesthetic and songwriting. Definitely a departure from what a lot of us have done before, which also makes it really exciting.”

Televandalism will post online at the group’s soon-to-launch Bandcamp page on Tuesday, Jan. 31st as a choose-your-price release. The EP coincides with the group’s first live outings, happening Friday, February 3rd at Underground Lounge and Saturday, February 4th at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee. The group will have a limited supply of 100 hand-packaged and numbered CDRs available for purchase at the events, as well.

“Right now we’re just focused on getting this EP out, and we’ve done everything ourselves up to this point – writing, recording, packaging and assembling the CDs, booking, etc.,” Currier concludes, “but it certainly would be great to see a vinyl release for this at some point (…ahem, cool indie labels out there…).”

Check out a mid-mix snippet of the group’s song “Stone of Yap” below. And watch for more from Cut Teeth right here at CVU.


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