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The CVU 2012 Forecast: Netherfriends!

Posted in CVU 2012 Forecast,Netherfriends by Jaime Black on January 7th, 2012

For this month’s ChicagoVerseUniteD cover story, every day in January will preview 2012 plans for a Chicago talent or tastemaker. Today: Netherfriends!


Though plenty of acts can lay claim to a productive 2011, few artists proved as ambitious as Shawn Rosenblatt, under the title of his Netherfriends operation. The last year saw Rosenblatt complete his 50 Songs 50 State undertaking, a project that saw the artist write and record a song in every state across the span of 2011, in addition to performing in all 50 states. As if that weren’t enough, Rosenblatt released a series of Netherfriends efforts, including Alap, Netherfriends Does Nilsson, Netherfriends Does Baraka, and Angry East Coast, the first installment in the 50 Songs 50 State release series. The year also saw Netherfriends signing with Kilo Records and touring Europe throughout November and December.

Now, Netherfriends are looking towards the Kilo release of Middle America, a release comprised of the initial 12 songs from the 50 Songs 50 States project. The effort will see release digitally, complete with limited run wooden postcards, on February 7th, though the release is currently available now as a cassette via Plus Tapes. The act will also release an effort titled Sun Belt in 2012, though no further details are available yet. Speaking to CVU about the sound of new Netherfriends music, Rosenblatt replied “I have no idea. I perform solo with 2 loop pedals now and (am) trying to record an album in the same way.”

As for other plans for 2012, the artist had a few more details to share. “Tour forever. Tour Europe again in the summer. Finish as much music as possible. Work on a new sample album (see Netherfriends Does Nilsson). It’s a tie between Netherfriends on Glass (Phillip Glass sample album) or Netherfriends does The Chronic (Dr. Dre sample album).”

Catch Netherfriends live on Friday, February 10th at Empty Bottle for the Middle America release show. And find a video trailer for Middle America below, immediately following Rosenblatt’s CVU podcast in support of 50 Songs 50 States, recorded this past March at SXSW.

Middle America
(Additional reporting by Jessica Rose for CVU)

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