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The CVU 2012 Forecast: Ornery Little Darlings!

Posted in CVU 2012 Forecast,Ornery Little Darlings by Jaime Black on January 1st, 2012

For this month’s ChicagoVerseUniteD cover story, every day in January will preview 2012 plans for a Chicago talent or tastemaker. Today: Ornery Little Darlings!

Ornery Little Darlings

(Photo via I Shoot Rockstars)


Though 2011 saw the release of the band’s O is for Ornery full length, Pilsen garage rockers Ornery Little Darlings have plenty planned and already underway for 2012, as the band’s Jason Ewers tells CVU. Alongside Brooklyn act Flying Cars, the band has taken up residence in a recently rehabbed former auto shop, which serves as the groups’ new base of operations. It’s out of that space that the two bands have started work on constructing a 1,500 square feet studio, wherein OLD will be recording two to three new tracks.

“For these tracks we are not limiting ourselves to just the 3 instruments at a time,” Ewers reveals. “We might not be able to play them live, but we want to really push the new studio. In the opposite direction we will also be doing two other tracks that are choral arrangments (OLD’s) Emmi (Chen) and I are working on with (OLD’s) Paul (Puschautz) building the percussion without a drum set. These should be pretty wild.”

Speaking more about the the set up, Ewers states, “Last week we finished the 16ft drum riser and have pretty much found the deepest bass sound possible without using any digital programmy shit.”

Outside of the band’s studio time, Ornery Little Darlings is looking at over 20 live dates during March, which include “official and non official SXSW shows.”

“After continuing to say “Fuck You” to LA for thetlast couple of years,” Ewers teases, “we are officially caving in and have every intention of giving the children of Beverly Hills some coldblooded Chicago rock n roll.” The band’s run of dates will kick off in the south before making its across the west coast and the northwest. The group is also aims to make its way to Europe by this September.

Additionally, the band will premiere two new videos, for O is for Ornery cuts “Prowler” and “Blueberry Hill,” on a new website on February 1st, with the site and the videos all being created by painter Joe Reich. Speaking of the former clip, Ewers reveals “Prowler is a car chase video we shot over 13 days with my 1974 VW Beetle and Pauls 1967 Cutlass.” Following the February site launch and video releases, OLD will be releasing its bundle of new songs this March to coincide with the group’s spring run of dates. And as if that wasn’t enough, Ewers is collaborating with Continental Breakfast‘s Camilo Medina on a pair of love songs, and is even eyeing a potential “Pilsen supergroup” comprised of members of OLD, Stephen Paul Smoker, and Flying Cars.

Check out Ornery Little Darlings’ Chen on a CVU podcast from 2011, followed by “Prowler” and “Blueberry Hill,” and a video of the band playing live at the Empty Bottle this past November.

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