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Gemini Club Post New EP Stream, New Single Download

Posted in Gemini Club by Jaime Black on February 3rd, 2012

Gemini Club By Surprise

Last month, CVU reported on Gemini Club‘s forthcoming EP, Here We Sit, which drops April 17th. In the feature, the band’s Dan Brunelle went into detail on the sound and scope of the effort, calling it “a more mature record for (the band).”

”We still have the catchy melodies and driving beats of the first EP but overall its much less of a “bedroom producer” record,” Brunelle told CVU. “Every song has live drums, the vast majority of the instrumentation was performed live, the synths were played through amps and mic’ed. We made sure to use digital music techniques but not so much that that’s all there is to it. There’s a much greater sense of physical space in this EP than you might expect from an “Electro Band”.

Now, a pre-order and stream of the full seven-song release has hit the web, along with a free download of the infectious first single, “By Surprise” (right-click to download). Find a video stream of the dancey and uptempo ”By Surprise” below, following Gemini Club’s CVU podcast interview recorded at North Coast Music Festival this past September. And watch for a new video from the band in the future.

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