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Event Recap: SoundCloud Global Meetup Day @ Music Garage!

Posted in SoundCloud,SoundCloud Chicago,SoundCloud Heroes,The Music Garage by Jaime Black on May 21st, 2012

SoundCloud Global Meetup Day

This week on Dynasty Podcasts Live Broadcast: SoundCloud Global Meetup Day! Broadcasting live from SoundCloud Global Meetup Day at the Music Garage, Jaime Black checks in with attendees of the event, including Ryan T. Hope and Rebecca Faber of The Lifeline, Margaret Larkin of The Radiogirl Podcast, and more. Find that podcast below, followed video from the event by Colleen Mares, images from the meetup and a Story Wheel commentary track for the images.


SoundCloud swag for the meetup.


Ryan T. Hope from The Lifeline (left) and Matthew Hebert from The Prowl (right).


SoundCloud social room at the Music Garage.


Colleen Mares of Lewis & Clark shooting Dynasty Podcasts video at the Meetup.


Kids in the hall.


Emmi Chen from Ornery Little Darlings jamming with Memphis Josh Drake of The Prowl.


More Meetup mingling.


Ryan T. Hope of The Lifeline on Dynasty Podcasts’ live broadcast from the event.


Post-meetup, empty studio.

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