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New CVU Video Shoot Report And Podcast: Dani Deahl!

Posted in ChicagoVerseUniteD,CVU Shoot Report,Dani Deahl,Dynasty Podcasts by Jaime Black on August 29th, 2012

(Deahl, onsite at the “Pocket Porn” video shoot. Photo via CVU)

This week on the ChicagoVerseUniteD audio podcast: Dani Deahl! In an interview recorded onsite at the DJ’s “Pocket Porn” video shoot earlier this summer, Deahl shares details of the treatment. The DJ also teases plans for her upcoming projects and collaborations. Find that podcast below, followed by a CVU write up of the video shoot, and the Pocket Porn EP stream.

It’s a late night in June in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. In the red-lit basement of Sound Bar, DJ Dani Deahl is in the center of the action on the “Pocket Porn” video shoot. As cameras roll, a group of attractive twenty somethings are moving in slow motion to the music, all while decked in headphones and glued, heads down, to their smart phones.

It’s been a long day on the set, and the room is hot. The shoot started in earnest around 10am, and now it’s already after 11PM. All said and done, the shoot won’t finish until almost 1am. In spite of this, Deahl is in high spirits, seeming tireless and upbeat.

It’s clear this is no DIY shoot. Instead, there’s a full production team onsite, and each scene calls for multiple takes. Among those present are Porn And Chicken‘s Orville Kline, Cornelius Clark from Fly Kite Media, and of course, Deahl fiancée Fei Tang from EvilOlive. Without giving away too much of the plot from “Pocket Porn,” it’s a cinematic treatment. There’s action and mystery, and of course, Deahl is front and center in that. Find the Fly Kite Media behind the scenes video of the shoot below, and look for the full “Pocket Porn” video to post soon.

Pocket Porn

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