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New CVU Interview: Kyle Gilkeson And Dan Crytser (Kanye Wes Anderson)

Posted in Kanye West by Jaime Black on October 24th, 2012

As of late, a fantastic Tumblr site has been making the rounds online, garnering coverage from the likes of Huffington Post and E! Online. Entitled Kanye Wes Anderson, the site brilliantly mashes up the words of Kanye West with the visuals of acclaimed filmmaker Wes Anderson (or sometimes vice-versa). Given that the site has roots in Chicago, CVU approached the team behind the Tumblr for an interview about the concept’s beginnings, ambitions, and more.


CVU: Who are you? Feel free to provide some background on yourself/your team.
Kanye Wes Anderson: Kanye Wes is run by Kyle Gilkeson, a writer/editor, and Dan Crytser, a graduate mathematics student.

CVU: Where did the idea for Kanye Wes Anderson come from?
KWA: We live in separate cities, so we frequently Gchat. Usually there’s a lot of stupid wordplay involved. One day in August we were talking about how Axe deodorant names like Vetiver and Bergamot sounded like pets in Wes Anderson films. Somehow that mutated into the name and basic concept behind “Kanye Wes.”

CVU: It’s safe to assume you’re a huge Kanye West fan, then? Ditto Wes Anderson?
KWA: We definitely like Kanye West’s music and Wes Anderson’s films. The blog probably wouldn’t have worked if we didn’t have a general understanding and interest in both.

CVU: Why do you think Kanye West is so meme-worthy? The Tracy Morgan tweets meme comes to mind.
KWA: Kanye is arguably the most popular contemporary musician in the world. It doesn’t hurt that he says outlandish things.


CVU: It looks like the Tumblr is catching on fairly quickly. Were you expecting such an immediate response?
KWA: We knew it had potential. We had never done anything like it before, so we just kind of waited. The site was sort of slowly chugging along for a month or two, but around October 19th, it reached a tipping point. That’s when a lot of bigger outlets started covering it. In retrospect, it was good timing, because it gave us a chance to populate the site with a decent amount of content.

CVU: Do you have any end goal with this, other than amusing/amazing Tumblr content? Are you hoping to hear from Kanye?
KWA: Ideally it will make us more famous than Kanye West and Wes Anderson combined. Seriously, though, just like every other little boy in America, we dreamed of being covered by E! Online. Mission accomplished.


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