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New CVU Podcast Album: North Coast Music Festival 2011!

North Coast Music Festival

This week on the ChicagoVerseUniteD audio podcast: CVU: The North Coast Music Festival 2011 Album, featuring interviews recorded live on location at this year’s North Coast Music Festival! Host Jaime Black checks in with members of Midnight Conspiracy , The Hood Internet, Perfect Kiss, Gemini Club, California Wives, BBU, Loyal Divide, and Team Bayside High! Find the collection as a Soundcloud album or individual podcasts below, or download the entire collection as an album at the Dynasty Podcasts Bandcamp page!

CVU – The North Coast Music Festival 2011 Album

CVU: The North Coast Music Festival 2011 Album Intro

CVU103 – Midnight Conspiracy @ North Coast Music Festival
Following the completion of the first day of North Coast Music Festival, Mikul Wing and Louis Kha of Midnight Conspiracy discuss their expanding set production, pursuing the festival circuit, and what’s next for the DJ outfit’s stage show. Stream or download that podcast below, followed by the At Dawn We Rage Remix remix from the group’s forthcoming Discord EP, set for release on Killpop Records later this month on September 27th.

Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (At Dawn We Rage Remix)

CVU104 – The Hood Internet @ North Coast Music Festival
At the completion of day one of North Coast Music Festival, DJ STV SLV of The Hood Internet reveals why he’s okay with early festival slots, discusses his evolving stage set up, and names some big names set to appear on the forthcoming Hood Internet full length album. Stream or download that podcast below, followed by The Hood Internet’s “All Of The Lights” treatment mixing Ellie Goulding, Portland Cello Project, and Kanye West.

The Hood Internet – All Of The Lights (Ellie Goulding x Portland Cello Project x Kanye West)

CVU105 – Perfect Kiss @ North Coast Music Festival
Just before the group’s Cobra Lounge after-party set, the members of Perfect Kiss, including Alfonso Mayen, Leo “Akira Smith” Saucedo, Ray Mora, and Danny Boy Lucero share details about new Perfect Kiss songs, the group’s upcoming EP, and whether they see Perfect Kiss as a live band or a DJ outfit. Stream or download that podcast below, followed by the band’s latest single, “There’s No Time To Waste.”

Perfect Kiss – “There’s No Time To Waste”

CVU106 – Gemini Club @ North Coast Music Festival
Hours after the group’s early afternoon set on day two of North Coast Music Festival, Tom Gavin, Daniel Brunelle, and Gordon Bramli of Gemini Club reveal specifics about the band’s new music set for release in 2012, share how their live set up is like that of a sushi chef, and state why the act is moving away from being a “DJ band.” Stream or download that podcast below, followed by the trio’s most recent single, “Ghost.”

Gemini Club – Ghost (Original Mix)

CVU107 – California Wives @ North Coast Music Festival
In the hours before the group’s performance on the second day of North Coast Music Festival, Jayson Kramer, Dan Zima, Hans Michel, and Joe O’Connor of California Wives share preliminary details about the band’s debut full length, set to drop in 2012. Stream or download that podcast below, followed by the group’s most latest offering, “Tokyo.”

California Wives – Tokyo

CVU108 – BBU @ North Coast Music Festival
On day three of North Coast Music Festival, BBU’s Epic, Illekt, Jasson Perez, and DJ Esquire share details on the group’s forthcoming mixtape Bell Hooks, set for release next month in October, tease an upcoming full length album, and discuss…other topics they didn’t see coming. Stream or download that podcast below, followed by video of the group shot and produced by Colleen Mares of The Axis World.

CVU109 – Loyal Divide @ North Coast Music Festival
Immediately following the group’s performance on day three of North Coast Music Festival, Loyal Divide’s Jon Notowidigdo and Andrew McCarthy talk about the long-awaited release of their debut full length, Bodice Ripper, set to surface next month on October 4th, teaming with Kilo Records for the album, and working on new music while waiting for the record to drop. Stream or download that podcast below, followed by video with the band shot and produced by Colleen Mares of The Axis World.

CVU110 – Team Bayside High @ North Coast Music Festival
On day of three of North Coast Music Festival, Derek Berry and Rick Carrico of Team Bayside High reflect on their festival closing DJ set the evening before, tease upcoming developments within the group, and share their thoughts on the ever-increasing DJ talent pool and event culture in Chicago. Stream or download that podcast below, followed by the DJ duo’s recent cut, “Spaghetti Western.”

Team Bayside High – Spaghetti Western

CVU: The North Coast Music Festival 2011 Album Outro

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Gemini Club Post Debut EP For Free Download

Posted in Gemini Club by Jaime Black on May 29th, 2011

Gemini Club

Chicago electronic act Gemini Club has posted its debut effort, the Future Tidings EP, up for free download. The synth-driven effort can be downloaded via the Soundcloud player below, and Gemini Club can be seen DJing this Wednesday, June 1st at Lincoln Hall, or later this summer at the 2011 North Coast Music Festival.

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Gemini Club Post Live Video From Saturday’s Delorean Nites Event

Posted in Gemini Club,Midnight Conspiracy by Jaime Black on February 21st, 2011


In addition to anything else the group deserves credit for, Gemini Club knows how to deliver to the Internet. Almost immediately following the group’s performance on Saturday night as part of Midnight Conspiracy‘s Delorean Nites:Fukc VD event at Lincoln Hall, the electronic-edged act has uploaded a live video video from that event for the song “Show Me A Showdown.” Watch that performance below, and for another (albeit lower sound quality) live video from the Lincoln Hall event, head to Gemini Club’s Facebook page. Or for pictures from the show, check out GoldCoastTV‘s Lincoln Hall album.

And for more Delorean Nites, check out this Saturday‘s party, featuring headliners Designer Drugs!


Gemini Club Post Live Video From New Years Eve, Win Live Performance Rehabbie, Play Delorean Nites February 19th

Posted in Gemini Club,Midnight Conspiracy by Jaime Black on February 9th, 2011

Gemini Club

Gemini Club has posted a live video from the group’s New Years Eve set at Lincoln Hall. The clip features the group performing a live remix version of “Cold Dust Girl” into the electro razor-wired “Dank Bitch” in front of an energetic crowd. That video can be viewed below.

In related news, Gemini Club took home the award for Favorite Local Live Performance at Monday night’s Rehabbies. To experience the act’s live set, check out Gemini Club as part of Midnight Conspiracy‘s upcoming Delorean Nites FUKC VD event, happening Saturday, February 19th at Lincoln Hall. As previously reported in the Gemini Club CVU 2011 Forecast feature, the event will showcase the band’s new accelerated live rig set-up.

Delorean Nights

The CVU 2011 Forecast: Gemini Club!

Posted in CVU Cover Story 01/11,Gemini Club by Jaime Black on January 31st, 2011

For this month’s ChicagoVerseUniteD cover story, every day in January will preview a different local artist’s plans for 2011. As an added bonus, today’s second feature: Gemini Club!

Gemini Club

If the past month is any indication, 2011 is going to be a year to remember for Gemini Club. Earlier in January, the group dropped a remix of the Chilly Gonzales cut “You Can Dance” via RCRD LBL, going on to become that week’s most downloaded track and pulling a spin from Rob Da Bank on Radio 1.

It was also a notable month for nominations, with the group receiving recognition from upcoming Debonair event The 2nd Annual REHABBIES [Awards Ceremony + Red Carpet Rager] for Favorite track by Chicago artist heard at Rehab (Original Song), Favorite track by Chicago artist heard at Rehab (Remix Song), and Favorite local live performance, while The Deli Magazine listed Gemini Club as a contender for its Best of Chicago Emerging Artists 2010 Poll.

Now, looking ahead, the group is shifting its focus from remixes towards original material set to surface on a currently-untitled late spring or early summer EP. “We’re in the process of combining the best sounds of our remix work with Tom’s heartfelt melodies,” programmer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Brunelle reveals to CVU. “Expect more live instrumentation.” The effort will feature a mix of previously released fare and new material, with vocalist Tom Gavin declaring “We are working through rapidly developing ideas and sounds.” Following the release of the forthcoming EP, the band is said prepping work on further future releases.

Gemini Club play out Saturday, February 19th, at Lincoln Hall as part of Midnight Conspiracy‘s Delorean Nites monthly electronic music series. The event will feature the band’s new live rig set up, including enhanced synth capabilities, as well as vocal and guitar manipulation capabilities. ”We are currently reworking our performing rigs to accomodate our song writing process,” Gavin remarks on the new model, with Brunelle expanding ”If our live rig was a software, we just upgraded to 2.0.”

Gemini Club is also confirmed as official SXSW showcase talent, with more specifics to become available closer to the music conference. Watch for more Chicago SXSW coverage in the coming weeks at CVU, as well as the latest from Gemini Club!

Flosstradamus Offer New Mixtape, Play Live Show At Lincoln Hall To Close Out 2010

Posted in Flosstradamus,Gemini Club by Jaime Black on December 27th, 2010


Flosstradamus have uploaded a new mixtape to close out the year, entitled W3 L0V3 Y0U 2010. The nearly 50 minute production features a “best of 2010″ theme. Catch Flosstradamus live on New Years Eve along with Gemini Club at Lincoln Hall, and download the mixtape from the Megaupload link below.

Flosstradamus – W3 L0V3 Y0U 2010

Update: The mixtape tracklist is as follows:

The CVU Local Music Year In Review 2010

Album Of The Year 2010

Top Local Releases Of 2010
1. The Felix Culpa Sever Your Roots
In a year filled with mixtapes, Soundcloud streams, and Bandcamp singles, one melodic Chicago post-hardcore act returned from a lengthy hiatus and delivered an honest to goodness full length cohesive record. Ferocious, cathartic, and epic in scale, with seamless segues connecting songs (see ”Escape To The Mountain” into “First One To The Scene of An Accident”), Sever Your Roots served as the sound of a band coming roaring back, resurrected at full force. There were an onslaught of Chicago releases this year. Not all of them could be called records.
2. Suns Close Calls In The U.S. Space ProgramThe Howl and the Many
Out of the ashes of Wax On Radio came Suns, demonstrating an array of diverse musical stylings across two simultaneously-released free EPs. Incorporating traces of chamber pop throughout the tumultuous nine-song joint offering, the band excelled at conveying an array of moods as long dirges (“Dont Do It”) gave way to relieved patches of calm (“Everything Changes”). Alternatingly challenging and rewarding, consistently mature and experimental.
3. Empires Bang
Offerings like Bang‘s audacious title track reaffirmed that Empires are crafting some of the strongest straight ahead rock and roll in the city right now. But it was moments like the anthemic “Damn Things Over” and the borderline power love song “Strangers” that demonstrated the group’s strengths across a much wider sound. For the electrified charge of amps turned up and feedback buzzing, Bang was essential listening in 2010.
4. Rockie Fresh Otherside
Dropping earlier this month, this 12 track mixtape from up and coming Chi Town property Rockie Fresh draws from Red Hot Chili Pepper hooks and utilizes Imogen Heap(!) samples as a bed for the MC’s unflinchingly personal lyrics. Colder than it has any right to be, it’s a pretty safe bet this is just the beginning.

5. Kidz In The Hall Land Of Make Believe
In 2010, Chicago hip hop duo Kidz In The Hall carried the momentum from 2009′s excellent Professional Leisure mixtape over to this years even stronger Land Of Make Believe full length. Smooth and more than just a little self assured, on tracks like “Take Over The World,” the pair of Naledge and Double-0 sounded like they just might.

Top Local Songs Of 2010
1. A Lull “Weapons For War” Weapons For War Single
Massive and booming, noise-pop act A Lull’s introductory preview of next year’s Confetti full length came out of nowhere with a sound unlike anything else happening in the city. Buzzing, bizarre, and surprisingly immediate, “Weapons For War” carried the band through seemingly the entirety of 2010. With an album on the horizon, 2011 should be even bigger.
2. Apteka Aragon Sound” Traitors 7″
For everyone still pining for the Smashing Pumpkins’ sound of yesteryear, check out the freewheeling riffs here fueling a track that’s practically a Siamese Dream lost cut. It’s also a ferocious testament to the group being capable of far more than strictly shoegaze.
3. Scott Lucas And The Married Men “Hey Rita” The Absolute Beginners EP
Taking a cue from the freewheeling live version of the song, Scott Lucas’ night gig reinterprets a catalogue cut from his day job. Expansive and mature, this nearly nine minute cover is but one possibility of what Local H could come to sound like in its golden years.
4. Loyal Divide “Flights” Flights
Loyal Divide doing lush and unsettling. Combining electronic layers with haunting vocal work and the sound of strings scraping, “Flights” displayed a more subdued, but no less striking, sound from the experimental unit.
5. The Dirty Diamonds “Heaven’s Plate” The Singularity Pt. 1
Dreamy and psychedelic, harmonic and melodic. With the release of the group’s free Singularity singles series, Dirty Diamonds branched out beyond their motown for hipsters labeling and took to more venturous soundscapes, with “Heaven’s Plate” merely one of many triumphs.

Best (And Most Repeated) Local Live Pairing: A Lull and Loyal Divide. From the Metro to the Tap Room in Austin, TX, the two disparate Chicago’s art-rock acts teamed up repeatedly throughout the year, in a perfect compliment of ambience, aural attack, and oddity.

Longest Overdue Bill (No Pun Intended): Smashing Pumpkins and Kill Hannah July 27th @ the Metro. The bill SP and KH fans have been waiting for since the late ’90s, in the room where it simply had to happen. A joint “1979″ performance served as a long-awaited crosstown classic for multiple generations of stargazing alt-rock believers.

Best Cross-Promoting Remix Releases: Hey Champ “Cold Dust Girl” Gemini Club Remix and Gemini Club “Ghost” Hey Champ Remix. A true Chicagoverse crossover, HC & GC’s treatment trade-offs demonstrated not only strength in numbers, but in quality remix work.

Best 2010 Musical Love Letter To Chicago (Three Way Tie): The Hood Internet x Kid Static “Chi City” / Hey ChampSilver City” / BBUC.H.I.C.A.G.O.“ No matter what style of music you were in the mood for, there was no shortage of acts repping the Windy City in song this year.

Fastest Rise To (Literally) Globetrotting Jet Setting Superstar Status: Midnight Conspiracy From Chicago party monsters to motherfucking Brazil. That shit happened fast.

Most Anticipated 2010 Release That Unfortunately Never Arrived: HelicoptersSlow Leak At The Seam (Though at least we got a holiday bundle.)

Local Meme That Caught On Like Wildfire (And Now Seems Like A Very Long Time Ago): The Fold: Cyrus v. The Fold – Sued for Millions

Best Wicker Park-Specific Listening: Suns “Small Parts” / Netherfriends “Lead You Through the Misty Fog of Milwaukee Ave.” Your six corner soundtrack.

Best Destination In The City For Bands And BBQ: Honky Tonk BBQ in Pilsen. It’s like SXSW all over again, but on the South Side of Chicago!

Chicagoverse Crossover: Hey Champ x Gemini Club

Posted in Gemini Club,Hey Champ,Midnight Conspiracy,Only Children by Jaime Black on October 5th, 2010

Hey Champ x Gemini Club
For your chance to win Gemini Club’s Ghost single on CD before its release, follow and watch Dynasty Podcasts on Twitter and Tumblr.

The Internet takeover by Gemini Club and their latest single “Ghost” continues via a remix crossover with fellow Chicago synth-pop group Hey Champ, who join fellow Chi acts Only Children and Midnight Conspiracy in putting their stamp on the track.  Hey Champ’s treatment maintains the song’s original structure while providing a funk-laden disco vibe throughout, and is now available for streaming and download below.

Gemini Club – “Ghost” (Hey Champ Remix)
[vodpod id=Video.4597930&w=425&h=50&fv=]

In return, Gemini Club have delivered a substantial reworking of their own to Hey Champ’s breakthrough track, “Cold Dust Girl,” itself no stranger to Chicago DJ remix treatment. The original track can be can be found on Hey Champ’s debut full length Star, (which I wrote about here in the December 2009 issue of Illinois Entertainer). An an epic eight-minute re-imagining, the production continually traverses tempos and approaches, hitting a breakneck pace around the track’s midpoint and laying Gemini Club’s signature synth stylings over and around selective vocal samples of Hey Champ frontman Saam Hagshenas. Stream or download below.

Hey Champ – “Cold Dust Girl” (Gemini Club Remix)
[vodpod id=Video.4598008&w=425&h=50&fv=]

Hey Champ and Gemini Club both recently guested on the ChicagoVerseUniteD audio podcast, in interviews conducted onsite at Metro for the Ghost single release party. On the podcast, Gemini Club’s Tom Gavin discusses the track’s origin, while Hagshenas reveals exclusive details about his band’s upcoming Chi Town release. Find that podcast below.

CVU43: Gemini Club/Hey Champ/Kid Color
[vodpod id=Video.4525195&w=425&h=50&fv=]

For a preview of Hey Champ’s “Chi Town,” scope out the following video, via Chicago Music Project.

New CVU Podcast Season Three Finale: Featuring Gemini Club/Hey Champ/Kid Color!

Posted in DYNASTY,Gemini Club,Hey Champ,Kid Color,Podcast by Jaime Black on September 27th, 2010

This week on the ChicagoVerseUniteD audio podcast: The CVU season three finale, featuring Tom Gavin of Gemini Club, Saam Hagshenas of Hey Champ, and Kyle Woods, aka Kid Color!

Gemini Club Ghost

This week on the season three finale of the ChicagoVerseUniteD audio podcast: a series of interviews conducted onsite with talent performing at last week’s One Night Stand event at Metro, where Gemini Club celebrated the release of its newest single, Ghost. First, Chicago disco DJ Kid Color discusses the highlights of his summer, as well as his performance plans for New Years Eve. Then, Saam Hagshenas of Hey Champ provides exclusive details about his band’s forthcoming fall release, Chi Town. Finally, Gemini Club frontman Tom Gavin sheds light on the origins of the track “Ghost,” as well sharing his thoughts on the collective Chicago music community.

CVU43: Gemini Club/Hey Champ/Kid Color
Right-click the link to download CVU43, or stream the show below

[vodpod id=Video.4525195&w=425&h=50&fv=]

Gemini Club Hit Local 101 Sunday, Sept. 19th, Metro Sept. 24th

Update: Gemini Club’s interview from Local 101 is now available for streaming below. The original story follows the audio clip.
[vodpod id=Video.4477702&w=425&h=45&fv=]

Gemini Club
Gemini Club nothing, this here’s a sneaker club.

Chicago electro-rock trio Gemini Club are in high demand these days. The group visits Q101′s Local 101 tomorrow, (Sunday, Sept. 19th) for an interview with Chris Payne, as well as to debut the outfit’s highly anticipated new track, “Ghost.” The interview and song premiere hit in advance of this Friday’s One Night Stand event at the Metro (RSVP on Facebook here), itself the release party for the Ghost single, with a live performance from Gemini Club and DJ sets from the track’s remixers Hey Champ, Only Children, Kid Color, and more.

Gemini Club Ghosts release party

Those eager to hear (albeit a remixed version of) “Ghosts” prior to tomorrow’s Local 101 airing can stream the Midnight Conspiracy treatment below, or download it at the just-launched Loose Change site. (For more on Loose Change, check this past summer’s CVU Loose Change special podcast.)

Midnight Conspiracy

Finally, for a preview of Gemini Club as a live unit, check the following clip of the act performing their track “Mirrors” at the inaugural edition of the North Coast Music Festival.