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CVU Exclusive Premiere: Scott Lucas & The Married Men – “Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant”

Posted in CVU Exclusive Premiere,Scott Lucas,Scott Lucas & The Married Men by Jaime Black on December 20th, 2012

Premiering today exclusively at CVU is Scott Lucas & The Married Men‘s cover of John McCauley of Deer Tick‘s “Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant.” The live cut comes from the band’s third annual Hideout Holiday Music Hour event, which took place earlier this month on December 9th.

The full holiday concert will be in broadcast rotation at the official Married Men site beginning at 4PM on Christmas Eve, where it will remain for streaming for a limited time. The event saw Lucas covering Christmas cuts like ”Last Christmas” and “Run Run Rudolph,” as well as original Married Men compositions. Joining the band on select tracks was fellow Chicago act Purple Apple.

“The whole idea is to have it on in the background while you’re wrapping last minute presents by the Christmas tree or whatever,” Lucas reveals of the broadcast. “It’s meant to be like an audio Yule Log. A companion to your little family get together, perhaps? Or if you wanna listen to it while you sit around getting drunk alone — that’s fine, too.”

Check out the full Hideout Holiday Music Hour broadcast starting at 4PM on Christmas Eve, and find an exclusive CVU premiere of Scott Lucas & The Married Men covering “Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant” below.

New CVU Podcast Album: CMJ 2012!

This week on the ChicagoVerseUniteD audio podcast: CVU: The CMJ 2012 Album, featuring interviews recorded at and around this year’s CMJ! Host Jaime Black checks in with Santah, Scott Lucas, Into It. Over It, and Gemini Club! Stream or download those podcasts above.

Dynasty Podcasts: The CMJ 2012 Album

CVU220 – Santah @ CMJ
In an interview recorded outside of Pianos, Stan McConnell, Vivian McConnell, Steve Plock, Otto Stuparitz, and Tommy Trafton of Santah discuss their new You’re Still a Lover EP, released on the day of the interview.

CVU221 – Scott Lucas @ CMJ
Scott Lucas sits down with CVU in Union Square Park to delve into Local H’s new full length, Hallelujah! I’m a Bum, including revealing how the album connects to 2008′s 12 Angry Months effort. The multi-band frontman also reveals his reasoning for more making a more politically charged record, and how Chicago plays into Hallelujah! I’m a Bum.

CVU222 – Into It. Over It @ CMJ
Into It. Over It frontman Evan Weiss discusses the band’s new 52 Weeks reissue box set, as well as the adjustments that come with performing with a full band in a live setting.

CVU223 – Gemini Club @ CMJ
Standing outside of Webster Hall, Tom Gavin and Gordon Bramli of Gemini Club discuss their road travel misadventures, in addition to weighing in on how the band has been able to procure official showcase slots at both CMJ and SXSW.


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Local H Announce ‘Hallelujah! I’m A Bum’ Double Album Details

Posted in Local H,Scott Lucas by Jaime Black on July 12th, 2012

As exclusively reported here at CVU all the way back in January 2011, the next album from Local H will be titled Hallelujah! I’m A Bum. The Sanford Parker-produced effort, set to drop on September 18th via Slimstyle Records, will be a 17-song double album.

In addition to announcing the album’s title here at CVU last year, Local H premiered the studio version of Hallelujah! cut “Another February” last year on the late Local 101 on Q101. Find video below of Hallelujah! track ”Night Flight to Paris,” recorded in-house at Engine Studios with Parker. That clip follows frontman Scott Lucas’ recent CVU podcast from earlier this summer, wherein he discusses the new Local H record, and is followed by the Hallelujah! tracklist. And catch Local H live in Chicago on September 18th at Bottom Lounge (tix).

Local H – Hallelujah! I’m A Bum
1. Waves
2. Cold Manor
3. Night Flight to Paris
4. They Saved Reagan’s Brain
5. Blue Line
6. Another February
7. Say the Word
8. Cold and Mannered
9. Trash Fire Bummers
10. Feed A Fever
11. Here Come Ol’ Laptop
12. Look Who’s Walking On Four Legs Again
13. Ruling Kind
14. Limit Your Change
15. Paddy Considine
16. Sad History
17. Waves Again

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AOL’s Signature Sounds Program Visits Chicago, Dynasty Podcasts

Signature Sounds @ Dynasty Podcasts

(Allison Hagendorf, Scott Lucas, & Jaime Black at Music Garage)

Earlier in the month, media personality Allison Hagendorf visited the CVU podcast at The Music Garage to co-host an interview with Scott Lucas. Now, footage from that interview has posted in the second of two Chicago episodes of AOL’s Signature Sounds program. The episodes finds Hagendorf exploring the Chicago music scene, including interviewing house legend Frankie Knuckles, talking blues with JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, and record shopping with Secret Colours at Saki.

Find those Signature Sounds episodes below, followed by the full Scott Lucas CVU podcast with Hagendorf, and two live Scott Lucas & The Married Men acoustic performances, recorded and filmed at the Music Garage.


New CVU Podcast: Scott Lucas With Special Guest Co-Host Allison Hagendorf!


(Scott Lucas at The Music Garage – Photo credit: CVU)

This week on the ChicagoVerseUniteD audio podcast: Scott Lucas of Local H and Scott Lucas & The Married Men, with special guest co-host Allison Hagendorf of AOL’s Signature Sounds! The multi-band frontman comes up to The Music Garage to talk with the CVU podcast and Signature Sounds about The Married Men’s new record, Blood Half Moon, out today. Lucas discusses the album’s desert influence, reflects on the Chicago alternative scene in the ’90s versus now, and shares details on Local H’s forthcoming record, Hallelujah! I’m A Bum.

Stream or download that podcast below, followed by Lucas’ CVU live session performances of “Blood Half Moons” and “Heavy Lidded Love,” performed and recorded at the Music Garage.

ChicagoVerseUniteD is a weekly music and nightlife podcast series, hosted by Jaime Black and produced by Leyla I. Royale, and  recorded out of The Music Garage in Chicago. CVU features interviews with the premier talent and tastemakers in the Chicago music and nightlife communities, and is published through the Dynasty Podcasts network. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Posterous.

Scott Lucas & The Married Men Preview Sophomore Record With “Blood Half Moons”

Posted in Scott Lucas,Scott Lucas & The Married Men by Jaime Black on April 16th, 2012


Late last month, CVU reported on specifics for the new Scott Lucas & The Married Men record, entitled Blood Half Moon and dropping June 5th through The End Records. Now, a new song from that record has hit the web, via Spinner. The cut is the title track from the group’s new album, said to be constructed following a multi-day dessert drive. Frontman Scott Lucas describes the song as containing ”lyrics full of blood, crows and whiskey.” Hear that selection via the link below, followed by CVU’s podcast interview with Lucas during the mixing of Blood Half Moon. And catch Scott Lucas & The Married Men June 9th at Metro.

Scott Lucas & The Married Men – “Blood Half Moons”

Correction: The original title of this feature erred on the track name.

Scott Lucas & The Married Men Announce ‘Blood Half Moon’ Release Date, Tracklist, Metro Show

Posted in Scott Lucas,Scott Lucas & The Married Men by Jaime Black on March 28th, 2012


Towards the end of last year, CVU checked in with Scott Lucas during the mixing stage of his group Scott Lucas & The Married Men‘s latest offering. Now, new information about the band’s forthcoming record, entitled Blood Half Moon, has been made available. The album is set to drop on June 5th via The End Records, and was produced by Andy Gerber, with the majority of recording done at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio. Rounding out the effort’s team was engineer Greg Norman and metal-focused mixer Sanford Parker. Speaking of the effort in a new press blast, Lucas discusses the volume dynamic with the group’s more vulnerable aesthetic.

“The more we played live, the louder the amps got. The louder the amps got….you get the idea. After a certain point, we quit fighting it and decided to get chocolate all over our peanut butter,” the frontman states. “It’s not like we’ve turned into Slayer or anything – we’ve just decided to embrace our dark side. And that goes for the lyrics, as well.”

“Even on, what you might call, the prettier songs – we let that darkness creep into the lyrics,” the artist continues. “‘There You Are’ has these delicate three-part harmonies, singing about graves and maggots. It’s like ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ meets the Grim Reaper. For ‘Blood Half Moons’ – which is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a beautiful piece of music – I drove around in the desert for a couple of days and came back with lyrics full of blood, crows, and whiskey. And that dichotomy – the light of the music vs. the darkness of the lyrics – only serves to reinforce each other. It makes the songs seem MORE hopeful than if it was all flowers and babies. At least, to me.”

Find the effort’s track listing below, followed by its cover art, the group performing album cut “There Ain’t No Grave (Gonna Hold My Body Down)” in the studio, and Lucas’ CVU interview during the record’s mixing session. And catch Scott Lucas & The Married Men live in Chicago on June 9th at the Metro.

Scott Lucas & The Married Men – Blood Half Moon

1. Lover The Lullaby
2. Blood Half Moons
3. Steady Gaze
4. There You Are
5. Old Worries
6. Out Of The Boat
7. Heavy Lidded Love
8. There Ain’t No Grave (Gonna Hold My Body Down)


Members Of Kill Hannah, Hey Champ, Local H, Gemini Club, & More Come Together For A John Hughes Valentine, Dynasty Podcasts Broadcasts Live

John Huges

In the grand tradition of Chicago supergroups like Gaylords and Them Crooked Vulvas, Kill Hannah‘s Greg Corner has assembled a powerhouse of Chicago rockers for a one night Valentine’s event at Debonair. A John Hughes Valentines Day Live Tribute features members of Kill Hannah, Hey Champ, Local H, The Lovehammers, Gemini Club, The Handsome Devilz, The Streets on Fire, and more, who together make up The Shermer High School Band. The group will be performing selections from Hughes classics like Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and more, tonight, Tuesday, February 14th. The event is free before midnight with RSVP via Do312. And look for Dynasty Podcasts to be broadcasting onsite from the event, with a podcast of that broadcast to post in the near future.


New CVU Podcast Studio Series: Scott Lucas!

Scott Lucas
(Photo via Audrey Keller)

This week on the ChicagoVerseUniteD Studio Series audio podcast: Scott Lucas of Scott Lucas And The Married Men! In an interview recorded at Engine Studios during the mixing of the Married Men’s forthcoming sophomore record, Lucas delves into the group’s recent recording sessions, the band’s current heavy country sound, and how recording for The Married Men differs from doing so for Local H. Stream or download that podcast below, followed by video from the interview, filmed and produced by Colleen Mares of The Axis World!

ChicagoVerseUniteD is a weekly music and nightlife podcast series, hosted by Jaime Black, with video by Colleen Mares of Lewis & Clark and The Axis World. CVU features interviews with the premier talent and tastemakers in the Chicago music and nightlife communities, and is published through the Dynasty Podcasts network. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Posterous.

And catch Scott Lucas And The Married Men live, this Thursday, December 22nd, at The Hideout, for the group’s second annual A Prairie Home Companion type radio variety Christmas performance. In that spirit, check out the group performing “Feliz Navidad” and “Hallelujah” below.

Additionally, check out Local H’s upcoming New Year’s Eve set at Bottom Lounge, featuring a set paying tribute to Rush’s 2112!

Local H NYE

Scott Lucas Keeps Busy With New Married Men Recordings, Closes Out 2011 With Local H NYE Show

Posted in Local H,Scott Lucas,Scott Lucas & The Married Men by Jaime Black on November 8th, 2011

Scott Lucas

In addition to fronting two bands (and occasionally a third), Local H and Scott Lucas And The Married Men frontman Scott Lucas has been keeping active as of late, between the studio and the college radio circuit. In a four-part podcast interview with Chicago South Side college station WXAV, Lucas reflects on the demise of Q101, as well as what he has happening with both of his projects. For the Married Men, that includes working on their sophomore effort at Milion Yen Studios. Speaking about the sessions in a recent statement, Lucas reveals, “We’re making a country-ish, alt-rock record for people who like metal. The shows we’ve been playing since the first record have gotten progressively louder and heavier. And, I think this record reflects that. I mean, we haven’t turned into Slayer or anything. But we’re definitely aiming for something epic here.”

New Married Men productions like “Lover the Lullaby” and “Steady Gaze” have been making their way into the group’s sets over this last year, as well as an uneasy and tumultuous version of “Ain’t No Grave (Gonna Hold This Body Down),” which was recently connected to Johnny Cash. Hear a live studio version of that cut from the band’s current sessions, followed by the performance from the Married Men’s recent Lincoln Hall set, below.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, Lucas will close out the year playing live when Local H headlines the Bottom Lounge on December 31st for a New Years Eve performance. NYE gigs have become somewhat of a tradition for the band, often performing at venues like Double Door in years past. Like the Married Men, Local H have new material on the horizon, tentatively titled Hallelujah! I’m A Bum. Discover the low and snarling new H song “Another February,” performed live at Metro earlier this year, below.

Local H NYELocal H NYE