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CVU: Lollapalooza After-Party Report

Posted in Kill Hannah,Lollapalooza,Lollapalooza 2012,Pete Wentz by Jaime Black on August 23rd, 2012

Though Lollapalooza proper happens within the ever-expanding confines of Grant Park, the festival experience is felt all across Chicago. This year as much as any other, the pre-party and after-party experience was in full effect, with concerts, DJ sets, and exclusive VIP happenings occurring all over the city. Below is a sample of CVU‘s findings on the Lollapalooza experience, outside of Lollapalooza.

Thursday, August 2nd

On the eve of Lollapalooza, the festival atmosphere was heavy in the air. An early evening affair held by SPIN and The Windish Agency gave scenesters and attendees a chance to mingle on the spacious 6th floor deck of the W Hotel downtown. The vibe was light and breezy, as industry types drank wine and discussed who they were looking forward to seeing over the coming weekend.

The lighter mixer feel carried over to another early evening affair at Debonair in Wicker Park. Outside, one of the club’s windows boasted the guitar trophy for the weekend’s annual celebrity kickball game. Inside, the private meetup allowed industry types to pick up their wristbands for the weekend, while Do312’s Jeremy Scheuch DJ’d the event for bloggers, artists, and more. Given the tempest of a weekend on hand, a more intimate event was a nice calm before the storm.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, downtown’s Angels & Kings was packed and full of life, lights, and heavy branding. DJ’ing the room were Pete Wentz and Spencer Peterson of Black Cards, Wentz’s post-Fall Out Boy outfit. While the W and Debonair happenings were occupied by a fair share of industry, the AK soiree was held down in full by the downtown crowd.

Friday August 3rd

Friday afternoon kicked off the Hard Rock Hotel’s It’s So Miami Oasis three day run, which featured brands and vendors offering services and complimentary eats and drinks. The spread offered an array of amenities, geared towards those looking to relax on plush couches instead of sweating in the sweltering sun down the street at Lollapalooza. As with the AK event the night before, branding was in full effect from top to bottom, from couch pillows to model body paint. Outside, a 4th floor deck provided a view of Michigan Avenue, with fake turf underfoot providing artificial greenery.

Saturday August 4th

Saturday’s midday delay at Lollapalooza impacted not only the festival itself, but also after-parties, as well. Thus, local rockers Kill Hannah’s Saturday night set at Bottom Lounge was slightly delayed and abbreviated, but pleasing to the assembled crowd of RSVP’d attendees. During a compact performance, the power rockers dipped into their dreamier back catalogue, pulling from ‘90s fan favorites like “Hummingbirds The Size Of Bullets” and “Nerve Gas.”

Meanwhile, over in Wicker Park, Debonair hosted a full main room of drunken partygoers. So full was the club that it often proved difficult just moving through the crowd. On the decks, Chris Holmes of Ashtar Command and Greg Corner DJ’d, with the latter DJ/bassist arriving almost instantly after his Bottom Lounge set with Kill Hannah. Resident Lolla celebrity Aaron Paul, aka Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman, held court inside and graciously posed for pictures with numerous fans.

Sunday August 5th

Closing out the weekend was the Hard Rock Hotel’s swan song event. Outside, lines began forming before the evening’s Lollapalooza headliners were even done performing. Upstairs, two separate areas hosted those who were able to find their way in, with a swank and plush VIP area on one side of a velvet rope, and a carpeted ballroom on the other.

Across the weekend, the festival’s after-parties and live music sets, afternoon escapes and brand campaign activations, proved successful and enjoyable. What’s more, the selections provided a level of variety on par with Lolla itself. A well executed delivery of ancillary events, surrounding a massive weekend of music and socializing.

-Jaime Black

New CVU Podcast Album: Lollapalooza 2012!

Posted in ChicagoVerseUniteD,Dynasty Podcasts,Empires,Kid Color,Lollapalooza,Purple Apple by Jaime Black on August 9th, 2012

This week on the ChicagoVerseUniteD audio podcast: CVU: The Lollapalooza 2012 Album, featuring interviews recorded at and around this year’s Lollapalooza! Host Jaime Black checks in with Purple Apple, Empires, and Kid Color! Stream or download those podcasts above.

Dynasty Podcasts: The Lollapalooza 2012 Album

CVU203 – Purple Apple

On day one of Lollapalooza, Liv, Madi, Nonie and Devin of Purple Apple sit down with the CVU podcast at Angels & Kings to give their take on playing Lollapalooza, talk about balancing their music lifestyle with being in high school, discuss plans for a new album, and hint at an upcoming name change for the band.

CVU204 – Empires

On day one of Lollapalooza, Empires frontman Sean VanVleet discusses the band’s tireless work ethic, why he prefers being in a rock band when that scene can be viewed as the minority, and new Empires music on the way.

CVU205 – Kid Color

The night after Lollapalooza, Kid Color reflects on his Lollapalooza 2012 set the day before, weighs in on why he eschews trends in order to sound like himself, and gives his thoughts on why Chicago has embraced him as an artist, since arriving from California.

Lollapalooza Brings Chicago’s Empires, Kid Color, & More To 2012 Festival

Posted in DJ Zebo,Empires,JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound,Kid Color,Lollapalooza 2012 by Jaime Black on April 11th, 2012


After a series of leaks both false and legit, the final, official Lollapalooza line-up has been announced. As with years past, local talent is present at this year’s event, though seemingly less than when compared to previous incarnations of the festival. This year’s Chicago-centric talent includes JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound, Empires, DJ Zebo, and Kid Color. Watch for more coverage of Chicago’s presence at Lolla here at CVU, and check out Empires’ Audio Tree session below.

Updated: Rumor: Lollapalooza 2012 Line-Up Leaks?

Posted in Lollapalooza by Jaime Black on April 8th, 2012

Is this the official line-up for Lollapalooza 2012? At the moment, there’s no way to know for sure. After it, it could very well be another bogus fake intended to psych out the Internet. So, as of right now, this is definitely still an unsubstantiated piece of imaging. Either way, all will be officially announced Tuesday night.

UPDATE: As pointed out by Loud Loop Press editor Richard Giraldi, a Chicago Tribune article from last month calls into question the inclusion of the Perry’s Stage at this year’s Lollapalooza. The passage, which adds a new angle to consider in regards to the supposed leaked line-up, is below.

Inside the festival, stages will once again be reconfigured to alleviate bottlenecks. Last year, a massive tent near the main stage housed electronic-music artists and DJ’s such as Skrillex to overflowing crowds. This year, the tent will likely be eliminated and the hugely popular electronic acts will be spread throughout the festival grounds, including at least one main-stage act, Jones said. Though the festival could potentially hold more people, “we’ll stay where we are in terms of numbers,” he said.

The possible exclusion of a Perry’s Stage at this year’s event seems to stand in contradiction to festival creator Perry Farrell‘s excitement for the stage. The artist and event organizer shared his enthusiasm for the electronic stage during his CVU podcast interview from last year, heard below.


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New CVU Podcast: The Best Of CVU!


This week on the ChicagoVerseUniteD audio podcast: a best of show, featuring segments from past CVU interviews! The podcast revisits interviews with Perry Farrell (Jane’s Addiction, Lollapalooza), Pete Wentz (Black Cards), Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), Jimmy Chamberlin (Skysaw), and Patrick Stump. Stream or download that podcast below.

ChicagoVerseUniteD is a weekly music and nightlife podcast series, hosted by Jaime Black. CVU features interviews with the premier talent and tastemakers in the Chicago music and nightlife communities, and is published through the Dynasty Podcasts network. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Posterous.

Dual Kids These Days Lollapalooza Clips Hit The Web

Posted in Grammys,Kids These Days,Lollapalooza by Jaime Black on August 25th, 2011

Kids These Days

Two new Kids These Days videos have hit the web, both related to the group’s recent slot on this year’s Lollapalooza. First up is the group’s festival interview with The Grammys, shot in part by CVU video contributor Colleen Mares. The second clip, meanwhile, checks in with the act around and during their Lolla BMI stage performance. Find both of those videos below following a Fuse download of the group’s song “Summerscent,” with their recent CVU Lollapalooza interview between both clips. And catch Kids These Days this Friday, August 26th, when they perform live midday at Pioneer Court on The Magnificent Mile.

Kids These Days – “Summerscent”

CVU92 – Kids These Days @ Lollapalooza

New CVU Podcast Album: Lollapalooza 2011!

Lollaplooza 2011

This week on the ChicagoVerseUniteD audio podcast: CVU: The Lollapalooza 2011 Album, featuring five interviews recorded live on location at this year’s Lollapalooza music festival! Host Jaime Black checks in with members of OK Go, Kids These Days, Maps & Atlases, Gold Motel, and Dani Deahl! Find the collection as a Soundcloud album or individual podcasts below, or download the entire collection as an album at the Dynasty Podcasts Bandcamp page!

CVU: The Lollapalooza 2011 Album

CVU: The Lollapalooza 2011 Album Intro

CVU91 – OK Go @ Lollapalooza
On the eve of Lollapalooza, OK Go’s Tim Nordwind and Dan Konopka reveal how they landed on the bill for President Obama’s birthday bash last week, what went into the making of the band’s new video, “All Is Not Lost”, and how they plan to top performing for the President and playing Lollapalooza in one week. And find NBC Chicago video of the group singing “Happy Birthday” to President Obama in the clip below the podcast.

CVU92 – Kids These Days @ Lollapalooza
Vic Mensa, Liam Cunningham, Macie Stewart, and Nico Segal of genre-spanning outfit Kids These Days discuss hometown love, not fitting in one sound or scene, and being underestimated due to their age. Find the group’s new track “Clear Eyes,” as well as behind the scenes and performance video from their Lollapalooza set, following their podcast.

Kids These Days – “Clear Eyes”

CVU93 – Maps & Atlases @ Lollapalooza
Onsite at Lollapalooza, Maps & Atlases’ Dave Davison and Erin Elders weigh in on the band’s work ethic, what they’ve learned on tour, and the slow burn of the group’s 2010 record, Perch Patchwork. Find that album’s latest video, “Israeli Caves,” below the band’s podcast.

CVU94 – Gold Motel @ Lollapalooza
On day three of Lollapalooza, Greta Morgan of Gold Motel revisits her reaction upon finding out her band would perform at the festival. The frontwoman also sheds lights on the band’s sophomore record, and the group’s plans up to 2012. Find Gold Motel’s new single, “Leave You In Love,” following the podcast.

CVU95 – Dani Deahl @ Lollapalooza
Veteran Chicago DJ Dani Deahl discusses her more visible performance slot at this year’s festival, how DJ’ing has changed over the last decade, and her thoughts on Serato and the new class of DJs. Find her recent Ghetto House Radio mix after the podcast.

Dani Deahl - Ghetto House Radio

CVU: The Lollapalooza 2011 Album Outro

ChicagoVerseUniteD is a weekly music and nightlife podcast series, hosted by Jaime Black. CVU features interviews with the premier talent and tastemakers in the Chicago music and nightlife communities, and is published through the Dynasty Podcasts network. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Posterous.

New CVU Season Five Premiere Audio/Video Podcast: Perry Farrell!

Posted in DYNASTY,Lollapalooza,Lollapalooza 2011,Perry Farrell,Podcast by Jaime Black on May 2nd, 2011

Perry Farrell

This week on the season five premiere of the ChicagoVerseUniteD audio and video podcast and the 100th episode of the Dynasty Podcasts series: Perry Ferrall! The Jane’s Addiction frontman and creator of Lollapalooza talks about the festival’s 20th anniversary, the expansion of the Perry’s Stage, and his thoughts on the future of Lollapalooza! Stream, download, or watch that podcast below. Video work courtesy of Mitch Gummerson.

CVU75 – Perry Farrell

ChicagoVerseUniteD is a weekly music and nightlife podcast series. Hosted by Jaime Black, CVU features interviews with the premier talent and tastemakers in the Chicago music and nightlife communities, and is published through the Dynasty Podcasts network. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and Tumblr.

Lollapalooza 2011 Line Up Boasts A Variety Of Local Talent Including Smith Westerns, Midnight Conspiracy, & Kids These Days

Kids These Days
(Photo via the awesome Clayton Hauck and EveryoneIsFamous)

Following the midnight announcement of Lollapalooza‘s 2011 talent, CVU would like to congratulate this year’s local and locally-related artists, including OK Go, Smith Westerns, Maps & Atlases, Patrick Stump, Gold Motel, Disappears, Kids These Days, Black Cards, and Midnight Conspiracy. It’s a strong showing across the board of acts both established and emerging, with OK Go serving as Chicago scene veterans, while Smith Westerns fill the roll of high profile indie darlings. Disappears arrive on the line up early in its career, while friends of this site Midnight Conspiracy land on the festival following international appearances and hometown residencies. And of course, it’s easy to notice two separate post-Fall Out Boy projects among this year’s listings. Perhaps most promising, however, is the inclusion of live hip hop and soul pop collective Kids These Days (pictured above), a CVU favorite at this year’s SXSW. Find a clip for the group’s track “Darling” below, and watch for more about Lollapalooza 2011 all summer long, right here at CVU.