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Come To The Show: Santah, In Tall Buildings, The Island Of Misfit Toys: Tonight, Thursday, December 22nd @ Lincoln Hall

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Santah Live

2011 might be winding down, but the local music scene is still going strong in the year’s final days. For proof, look no further than the bill of SantahIn Tall Buildings, and The Island Of Misfit Toys, happening tonight, Thursday, December 22nd at Lincoln Hall (tickets still on-sale).

Opening the night is The Island Of Misfit Toys, who saw the release of their Bear Hair full length on Tandem Shop this year, as well as the successful funding of the band’s eastbound tour a few months back. Check out the eclectic pop of Bear Hair cut “Beginnings of a Beard” and a recent preview of the band’s live show in the videos below, following the CVU podcast from this year with the group’s Anthony Sanders.

In Tall Buildings also had a good year. Following the 2010 release of its self-titled full length, the adult alternative act made the rounds in 2011, from performing at the Tomorrow Never Knows festival and the Jay Pritzker Pavilion to releasing a two-track single on Record Store Day. Check out “The Way To A Monster’s Lair” below, following the CVU podcast featuring ITB’s Erik Hall, recorded on Record Store Day.

In Tall Buildings – “The Way To A Monster’s Lair”

Headliners Santah shared in experiencing a victorious 2011, with No Sleep Records giving the band’s debut full length, White Noise Bed, wide release. The shimmering indie rock group also did live sessions for Daytrotter, Audio Tree, and Big Ugly Couch. Close out 2011 with the band tonight at Lincoln Hall, and find Santah’s tracks “Merry Ann” and “Springfield” below, courtesy of Red Eye, followed by the Elephilms video for the band’s song “Neighbors & Cousins,” the act’s full Audio Tree session, and clips from the outfit’s Big Ugly Couch Session, all following the CVU podcast with the band’s Stan McConnell.

Santah – “Merry Ann”

Santah – “Springfield”

Local Artists, Authors, Festivals Turn To Kickstarter To Launch New Projects


Over recent years, has become an increasingly popular tool for entrepreneurs and artists attempting to crowd-fund their creative projects. Below are some examples of still active and recently completed Kickstarter campaigns from Chicago artists, authors, and festivals.

AHHH! Pilsen Music Festival

Pilsen Music Festival

The AHHH! Music Festival in Pilsen, set to happen this coming Saturday, July 30th at CVU favorite Simone’s, is in the final hours of its current Kickstarter campaign. The festival’s campaign offers up incentives like signed posters, compilation CDs, and dinner at Simone’s, and is at just over half of its $2,000 goal, with the campaign closing this Saturday, July 30th. AHHH! just announced its local-centric line-up, with acts like Magic Milk, Bob Rok and DJ Mar, Rock Falls, and more set to perform during the all-day event. Check out selections from those artists below.

Famous Like You Wild And Free EP!

Local pop-rock unit Famous Like You (formerly A Kidnap In Color) has an active Kickstarter campaign underway now to fund the group’s Wild And Free EP. According to the group’s KS page, contributors will help cover the costs of “recording, mixing, mastering and pressing, along with other aspects of promotion and the like.” With 52 days to go, the group is just shy of a third of the way towards its $3,000 goal. Watch the group’s Kickstarter video above.

Smells Like Rock Radio: The Q101 Oral History

Earlier this summer, CVU reported on media personality and writer James VanOsdol initial thoughts on moving forward on publishing an oral history of Q101. Now, just a few short weeks later, VanOsdol’s campaign has exceeded its goal of $9,750, with this weekend’s closing total coming in at $14,880. A recent update on the project lays out some details on the now-completed title.

(H)ow long will it take to write and publish the book? It’s hard to say, though it certainly won’t be a fast process. I’ll be conducting a lot of interviews over the next 6-8 months, to get myself to a point where I have enough of a foundation to start crafting the book. Once the book’s written, it will have to be edited, formatted, and designed. Simply put, I’m managing expectations; this process will take time.

Watch for more on Smells Like Rock Radio: The Q101 Oral History here at CVU.

The Island of Misfit Toys Eastbound Tour!

Another completed campaign is the one for The Island Of Misfit Toys‘ eastbound tour. The project closed out just recently at $1,510, spilling over the end goal of $1,300. The funding will fuel the group’s first tour, behind its recently released debut full length, Bear Hair. Check out the group’s recent CVU feature here, or listen to frontman Anthony Sanders on the CVU podcast below.

New CVU Podcast Cover Story Series: The Island Of Misfit Toys!

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The Island Of Misfit Toys

This week on the ChicagoVerseUniteD Cover Story Series audio podcast: Anthony Sanders of The Island Of Misfit Toys! The frontman discusses the band’s debut full length, Bear Hair, his background in music, and how the group came to work with Chicago label Tandem Shop. Check out the group’s Kickstarter video for their east coast tour fundraising project, Bear Hair track “Hermit Crab,” the CVU podcast, and the video for “Beginnings of a Beard” below.

The Island of Misfit Toys – “Hermit Crab”

CVU90 – The Island Of Misfit Toys


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Come To The Show: The Island Of Misfit Toys: Tonight, Saturday April 23rd @ Lincoln Hall

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The Island Of Misfit Toys

Chicago indie pop act The Island Of Misfit Toys headlines Lincoln Hall tonight. In preparation of the event, get familiar with the group through the chamber-laced “Beginnings of a Beard” and the looser and rockier “Hermit Crab” below via The Island Of Misfit Toys’ Soundcloud, followed by a live clip of the band’s track “Work.”

The Island Of Misfit Toys – “Beginnings of a Beard”

The Island Of Misfit Toys – “Hermit Crab”